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European artisan bread and pastries
Traditional German recipes
All natural ingredients
Baked fresh daily
Since 1997


How delivery works

First, you place your order online. Our artisan bakers bake your delicious bread and pastries fresh and to order. Then we package your order carefully in specially designed thermal wraps to ensure they stay fresh on their way to your home. Your order arrives as soon as possible, and you can dive right in or store them properly in a fridge.

Local Delivery


Local Delivery

We provide local Delivery for bread, cake, pastries, cookies, and other German pastries delivered within roughly 3-5 miles of our bakery. Local delivery is free, and the minimum order amount is $50.

Mail Delivery


Mail Delivery

This delivery option applies to desserts, sausages, and other gourmet delicacies that do not deteriorate quickly and cannot be crushed during transportation. We deliver them to all of Florida, part of Georgia, part of South Carolina, and part of Alabama by mail.

Fresh bread Delivery Map

Edelweiss European bakery is an artisan European bakery, making delicious bread and pastries for both in-house consumption and online delivery. Originally located in Fort Lauderdale, we serve the entire state of Florida and beyond. Order a bakery takeout, and we'll drop off our fresh artisan loaves at your doorstep.

Delivery &
Shipping FAQ's

Got questions about your gourmet bakery delivery?
We've got answers.

Can you deliver to my location?

Yes, we can probably deliver to your location, depending on your order and address. See our shipping map to check if your zip code is within our reach.

What are the shipping costs?

The minimum order amount for a free local delivery is $50. For wholesale prices, please leave us a message or contact us.

How to store freshly baked bread, and what's the shelf life?

You can store fresh bread in plastic wrap, reusable plastic zip-top bags, or bread boxes to keep the loaves fresh. Do not store in damp, airy places that can accelerate molding. If you're not going to consume them in 2-3 days, your best bet is to freeze them for later. The shelf life is 3-5 days without a refrigerator/freezer.
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