Honey is considered to be almost the last natural product that is consumed by people without any preliminary processing. We offer you natural German honey, which will give you strength and energy, boost the immune system, serve as protection from colds, strengthen your nervous system and rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Moreover, our honey products are:

  • 100% natural and have no additives and impurities
  • Collected in an ecologically clean environment. Pristine nature, healthy honey plants and trees.
  • Temperature treatment is not applied to honey. This allows preserving all the healthy properties of honey.

German jams are made according to the high European standards from high-quality fruits and berries. They are ideal for breakfast or a delicious snack. Jams are made according to classic old recipes. German jams are premium products that don’t have any artificial additives. The jam doesn’t contain food dyes, thickeners, sweeteners and preservatives. To preserve the freshness and benefits of natural ingredients, the jam has a fairly thick marmalade consistency, which is achieved by the method of classic fruit processing.