The habit of eating desserts after the main dishes spread widely in Europe only in the XIX century, when the production of sugar increased. Before that, the privilege of enjoying desserts was available only to rich people.

Today you also can indulge yourself and buy a dessert that will cheer you up! We offer you to try wonderful desserts in our bakery and cafe! We have a wide variety of desserts (mini, healthy, and others) for every taste and budget.

You can try great desserts at Edelweiss European Bakery Deli & Cafe in Fort Lauderdale. Can’t come to us? Buy desserts online, and we will deliver them to your doorstep.

Rum Ball
Cherry Pie
Cheese Babka
Raisin Babka


Can I get desserts shipped?

Yes, you can order delivery. The minimum order is $40. Delivery is free. We will deliver your order if you are no further than 5 miles from our cafe.

How to store desserts?

Desserts should be stored in the refrigerator and no longer than three days.