Wheat Sourdough / Yeast Free / VEGAN

Sourdough is the oldest type of leavened bread dating back to Ancient Egypt.
Sourdough bread, or preferment bread, is made with a fermented flour and water mixture.
They have a more appealing flavor because lactobacilli produce acids that give them this nuanced flavor that isn’t always sour, despite the name.

One of the reasons sourdough is so popular is that it is healthier than store-bought bread. They don’t contain preservatives because they don’t go bad as quickly as ordinary bread. Studies show that sourdough causes fewer blood sugar spikes, improves mineral absorption, and is easier to digest for celiac patients.


Is all sourdough bread yeast-free?

Sourdough bread is yeast-free in the sense that it contains no added yeast. But this loaf contains the wild naturally occurring yeast that appears in the air, flour, and water.

Is sourdough bread healthy?

Sourdough bread is a healthier option than white or whole wheat bread. Although it contains similar nutrients, it is more digestible and nutritious due to lower phytate levels.

What is the healthiest sourdough bread to buy?

Choose sourdough bread made with rye flour for the healthiest option. Not only will you benefit from the natural probiotics in the bread, but you'll also gain additional fiber, protein, and minerals.

Can I get yeast-free bread shipped?

You can order delivery from us. We will deliver your order in a suitable way for you. At the moment, we offer the following types of delivery: local and 1-2 days delivery. We will deliver your order free if you are no further than 3-5 miles from our cafe. The minimum order is $40. If you choose 1-2 days delivery we can ship your order to Florida, Georgia, part of South Carolina, and part of Alabama. We don’t ship anything that can deteriorate quickly or can be crushed during transportation.

How to store yeast-free bread?

Wrap the bread tightly in a freezer-safe wrap to prevent freezer burn due to moisture loss.