Rye Sourdough / VEGAN

Each deliciously tangy sourdough loaf is fermented using a slow method perfected over years of practice. We use the same essential ingredients that have been used for centuries.

Our sourdough bread has a soft crumb with a crisp crust and is made with only three ingredients: flour, water, and salt.


Is sourdough bread healthy?

Sourdough bread is a healthier option than white or whole wheat bread. Although it contains similar nutrients, it is more digestible and nutritious due to lower phytate levels.

What is the healthiest sourdough bread to buy?

Choose sourdough bread made with rye flour for the healthiest option. Not only will you benefit from the natural probiotics in the bread, but you'll also gain additional fiber, protein, and minerals.

Can I get bread shipped?

We have two delivery options: local and 1-2 days delivery. The minimum order amount for delivery is $40. Delivery is free. We deliver our products, but only within 3-5 miles of our bakery. If you choose 1-2 days delivery you can get your order shipped to Florida, Georgia, part of South Carolina, and part of Alabama. (We don’t ship anything that can deteriorate quickly or can be crushed during transportation).

How to store artisan bread?

Wrapping bread in a dish towel or paper bag and storing it in a dry place is the best way to store it, especially artisanal bread.