What can be better than freshly baked bread rolls? Our soft and delicious artisan bread rolls can give any of your dishes a new and elegant flavor!

Moreover, you should know that our bread rolls are vegan and dairy-free. They don’t contain eggs and milk.

In Edelweiss European Bakery Deli & Cafe in Fort Lauderdale, you can buy them online, and we will make and deliver these fresh, delicious bread rolls right to your door!

Kaiser Roll
Plain Roll
Muesli Roll


Are bread rolls healthy?

All the benefits of bread can be nullified if you excessively eat it.

Can I get bread rolls shipped?

Yes, we have two delivery options: local and 1-2 days delivery. Minimal order is $40. Delivery is free and is carried out 3-5 miles from our cafe. If you choose 1-2 days delivery you can order a delivery to Florida, Georgia, parts of South Carolina and Alabama (delivery is not possible for perishable and easily damaged products).

How to store bread rolls?

When interacting with oxygen, bread rolls lose their freshness faster. Therefore, they must be wrapped in plastic wrap, foil, or placed in a plastic bag.