What is a French breakfast? First of all, it is a style, it is a way of life, it is the ability to enjoy simple little things. Cozy place in a cafe. The aroma of flowers mixed with the tart smell of hot black coffee. And of course croissants! How can you deny yourself the pleasure of having a cup of coffee with croissants for breakfast?

Enjoy them in Edelweiss European Bakery Deli & Cafe in Fort Lauderdale. Don’t have the time or opportunity to sit in our cafe? Buy croissants online, and we will bring them to your home or office!


Can I get croissants shipped?

We will bring your order right to your doorsteps. Our delivery is free of charge and we deliver orders within 3-5 from our bakery. For delivery, your order must be at least $40.

How to store croissants?

Freshly baked croissants should be eaten in 36 hours, but if it turned out that they were left, just put them in the freezer in a container.