From the salt-topped classic to heretical sweet versions, bretzels have been a German delicacy for a long time. Bretzels are a type of baked pastry shaped into a knot. The traditional pretzel shape is symmetrical. The ends of a long strip of dough are intertwined and then twisted back on themselves in a specific loop.

The most common ingredient is salt, which complements the washing soda or lye treatment, giving bretzels their traditional color and flavor thanks to the Maillard reaction.

Get a taste of our bretzels in three variations: original, stick, and rolls!

Bretzel Roll


Can I get bretzels shipped?

Yes, you certainly can. We deliver to your doorsteps in the most convenient ways. Here are our delivery options: local and 1-2 days delivery. We have free delivery. We will deliver your order if you are no further than 3-5 miles from us. The minimum order amount is $40. If you choose 1-2 days delivery you can get your order shipped to Florida, Georgia, part of South Carolina, and part of Alabama. We don’t ship anything that can deteriorate quickly or can be crushed during transportation.

How to store bretzels?

Bretzels can be stored for up to a week in a baking box or bag.