How wonderful is it to start the morning with a freshly baked crispy baguette? Enjoy the finest french baguettes in Fort Lauderdale from Edelweiss European Bakery Deli & Cafe.

Moreover, you should know that our Baguette bread is vegan and dairy-free. It does not contain eggs and milk.

Don’t want to leave your home or office? No problem! You can buy our baguettes online, and we will deliver your order right to your doorstep.


Can I get baguette bread shipped?

The minimum order value is $40. We will deliver your order for free if you are not more than 5 miles away from the bakery.

How to store baguette bread?

Store the baguettes in a paper bag, and then put them in a plastic bag. Or you can use waxed paper. This helps retain moisture and will not allow them to get stale quickly.