Excellent German bread is similar to good wine in that it must be carefully tended before being savored slowly. And good flour is the foundation of any bread. We use a wider variety of grains in German bread than American bakers do.

Another significant distinction between American and German bread is the use of sourdough. All German slices of bread contain sourdough, except for a few white types of bread.

Bretzel Roll


Can I get German Bread shipped?

We have two delivery options: local and 1-2 days delivery. The minimum order amount for delivery is $40. Delivery is free. We deliver our products, but only within 3-5 miles of our bakery. If you choose 1-2 days delivery you can get your order shipped to Florida, Georgia, part of South Carolina, and part of Alabama. (We don’t ship anything that can deteriorate quickly or can be crushed during transportation).

How to store German Bread?

Store your german bread in a cotton bread bag or wrapped in a large tea towel to allow it to 'breathe.' Keep your bread in a cool place so that it can maintain normal moisture levels in the air. We advise keeping it in the refrigerator to increase the shelf life. If you need them for a very long time, then in the freezer. Many customers freeze our bread, especially those who receive them by mail after buying it in bulk.